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What Zillow has to Say About Why You Should Use a Realtor to Sell Your Home

Why Use an Agent?

According to Zillow’s Group Consumer Housing Trends Report, 89 percent of sellers list their home with a real estate agent. The sellers listed a strong sales track record, local market knowledge, trustworthiness, responsiveness, and a good reputation in the community as the most important attributes in a top agent.

A great Realtor will make a big difference in all aspects of the selling experience, from your profits to keeping your stress level under control.

Read on to explore what else Zillow Palm Springs has to say about selling your home.

What is the standard commission for a real estate agent?

Real estate agents work on a commission basis, making a percentage of the sale or purchase price of the home their client is buying or selling. Typically, as a seller, you’ll pay 6 percent of the sale price, with half of the total serving as the buyer’s agent’s commission.

What is the difference between a listing agent and a buyers agent?

Real estate agents work on a commission basis, making a percentage of the sale or purchase price of the home their client is buying or selling. Typically, as a seller, you’ll pay 6 percent of the sale price, with half of the total serving as the buyer’s agent’s commission.

What is the difference between a listing agent and a buyers agent?

The listing agent, also known as a sellers agent, works for the seller to help them sell their house, from listing to closing. The buyers agent works for the buyer, guiding them through the process of finding a home they love, into negotiations, and all the way through closing.

Benefits of using a listing agent

You might ask yourself, “Why use a real estate agent to sell my home?” There are a number of services and plenty of expertise a real estate agent can provide, so it’s important for each seller to take a look at the list of benefits and decide if an agent is worth the expense.

1. Real estate agents provide local housing market expertise

  • They have access to a comprehensive list of comparable homes and understand the value of homes in your area.
  • Taking into consideration the current market conditions, they can strategize ways to craft the optimal selling approach, with the goal of earning the highest possible return on your home.
  • They can guide you to setting the right price for your home, one that will allow you to both pocket as much money as you can while selling in a timely manner.
  • They understand local housing codes and can point out any red flags on your property that buyers (and their home inspectors) will find.
  • They can recommend the specific home improvements that matter most to buyers in your area.
  • In our case, we know the developments inside and out and will share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

2. Real estate agents market your listing

  • They can provide recommendations for staging your home.
  • They can hire a professional photographer to take great listing photos.
  • Creating an enticing listing description of a property is an art form, and a skilled agent can call out features local buyers are looking for.
  • They list your property on the MLS and online real estate sites like Zillow. In fact, agents have access to more listing outlets than sellers who are listing on their own.
  • They host open houses and showings, physically showing your home to buyers.
  • They serve as a buffer between you and all potential buyers, fielding calls, answering questions, and scheduling showings.

3. Real estate agents network with other agents to increase buyer interest

  • They may show your home to an agent-only crowd to increase buzz.
  • They talk to other agents about your home, positioning it as a match for their buyers.
  • Homes sold by agents are typically more appealing to buyers agents, as they know they’ll get a commission on the sale.

4. Real estate agents handle your negotiations

  • They vet all potential buyers, identifying the serious offers.
  • They skillfully work with the buyer’s agent to get you an offer that meets your needs in terms of price, timing, and repairs.
  • They help you make smart decisions on negotiating counteroffers.

5. Real estate agents ease the selling process

  • Selling a home comes with a lot of paperwork, and your real estate agent will handle it all.
  • Professional real estate agents keep an eye out for deal loopholes and unusual requests, and read all the fine print.
  • In a multiple-offer situation, they’ll help you identify the pros and cons of each offer, making your decision easier.
  • They’ll recommend when you should counteroffer and when you should accept the deal.


How To Make the Downsizing Process Stress-Free for Seniors

I recently received this email from Mike Longsdon at

Hi Sheri!

Recently, my wife's parents moved from Sacramento to San Diego to be closer to us. My father-in-law has had some health issues lately and my mother-in-law was struggling to keep up with him while also maintaining their home.

The first step, of course, was selling their old home. It was full of years of memories, but also a lot of junk. While my mother-in-law wanted to keep most of it, after some tough choices and a big yard sale, she has settled into their new San Diego condo with less stuff but more peace of mind.

Throughout the process, I've learned a lot about what goes into helping senior parents downsize. I'd love to share what I've learned on your blog.

I told him we'd be happy to share his information...

Stress-Free Downsizing for Seniors

Moving is physically draining at any age, but for seniors it can be even more challenging when the move involves downsizing into a smaller home. Many seniors have physical conditions such as limited mobility or brittle bones that could hinder the moving process. Particularly when downsizing, moving can be emotionaly taxing for older adults because they're having to leave a long-time home while also giving up treasured items. In order to ensure your loved one has a stress-free move, it is wise to plan ahead. Here's a great checklist that can help with the planning, and here are a few tips to help make their transition a smooth one.

Delegate a Moving Team

Due to the fragile nature of most older adults, it would be best to hire a moving company to help with the moving of furniture and boxes. Organizations like the National Association of Senior Move Managers specialize in helping older adults and their families with the physical and emotional process of downsizing into a new residence. Through the NASMM you will be assigned a Senior Move Manager who will help your loved one with their move from start to finish. The Senior Move manager will construct a customised floor plan for the new home so your senior will be able to visualize where their belongings will fit. They will also supervise the professional packing of the old residence and unpack and setup the new home so that it is turnkey ready. Any old or unwanted belongings will be arranged for profitable disposal through estate sales, consignment, or buyout. Making the decision to hire a Senior Move Manager truly takes all of the stress out of the moving process and provides a one-stop-shop solution.

Sort Through Items

The biggest issue seniors will face when downsizing is having to get rid of some of their stuff in order to live comfortably in their new, smaller home. What you see as stuff your loved one sees as a lifetime of memories. As you go room by room, avoid phrasing questions in a yes-no format, as it creates reluctance. For example, instead of asking what pots and pans your loved one would like to keep, simply say, "I've got your best frying pan, two cooking pots, and your large crockpot. Does that sound okay?" Although you aren't necessarily making the decision for them, you are easing them in the right direction by removing some of the pressure. Encourage them to keep their focus on the most-used items.

If there are items that are to be gifted to family members or friends, suggest that they go ahead and gift them. For items that your senior can't bare to part with despite not having room, take photos of the items that you are getting rid of to put in a memory scrapbook or use self-storage.

Pack the Essentials

To make sure the arrival at the new home goes smoothly, pack a bag with all of your senior's immediate needs such as clothes, medications, eyewear, and toiletries. Keep this bag in an easy-to-access place so they won't have any trouble finding what they need. Clutter and disfunction will only confuse your senior and make them more resistant so it is best to think ahead and have everything they need at their disposal. If they have any medical equipment or special supplies, work closely with the movers or family members to make sure everything is accessible and undamaged during the move.

Make the New Place Feel Like Home

The most important thing you can do in their new place of residence is to make it as comfortable and safe as possible. Recognition is very important when you are trying to help a senior embrace a new living environment so try to keep familiar pieces in their view. Decorate the walls with their favorite portraits and drape their favorite blanket over the arm of the couch. The more the new place looks like home, the easier the emotional transition will be for them.

Although you cannot predict everything that comes with the moving process, the best thing you can do is be prepared with help and have patience and compassion for your loved one. The downsizing process will be difficult for them. However, you can help make it less stressful and encourage them to look forward to what lies ahead!  

Going The Extra Mile For Our Home Sellers

Our Sheri Dettman & Associates team just completed a sales transaction for one of our Palm Springs area home seller clients, and frankly, it was more challenging that most. Looking back on this sale though the result was what counted.

Personally, I Liked This Home A Lot

I liked this home from day one. The first challenge though was the home had been and investment property with renters living there. When the renters moved out, the furnishings moved out too, and the home looked, well it looked rather empty.

Our sellers did their best in having the home painted and added a few pieces of furnishings and staging items. Our marketing team created their video tour, magazine quality photos, and we launched their marketing campaign. But months later we only had received several lowball offers.

So after a number of months on the market, I suggested bringing in additional furniture and staging props (like towels, plants and table settings). The owners did a great job of restaging of their home. Our marketing team re-created their video and property photos, and we started to get some good offers on the home. Yes!

Offer Accepted!

In time, we presented a reasonable offer to our sellers, and they accepted the offer. We opened an escrow account, and this transaction was moving along just fine. Then, at the 11th hour, the buyers financing fell apart, and we went back to square one. Our sellers at this point were feeling a bit crushed.

Another Offer Accepted

Here’s where being very busy and successful comes into play. We’re working with over 1,000 active buyer clients in various stages of the home buying process. Some are ready as soon as they find a property, others next week, next month or next year. But we stay in touch. I let our team know that this home was back on the market. Everyone reached out to their buyer clients, and with 24 hours one of our team members brought a new offer to our sellers and the property closed in 14-days.

We Get Email

Just this week I received this nice email message from one of the sellers:

“Hi Sheri! I wanted to first thank you for all that you and your staff have done over the past year to sell our house! What an amazing find I came across last year when I decided to Google La Quinta realtors and found Sheri Dettman & Associates.

Each and every step along the way, you and your team were professional, courteous and patient with questions that arose from curious minds. Let me just say that what we experienced explains your amazing success. Congratulations on your dedication and perseverance.

Secondly, we want to thank you for the Williams-Sonoma gift card. This is very thoughtful of you and much appreciated! How perfect to be able to remember your benchmark service often; when we are in the kitchen preparing a favorite dish.

Thank you again for the outstanding service and the opportunity working with you and your team as a buyer.”

Sincerely, Richard K.

Palm Springs Real Estate Market Update

Sorry About Our Warm Palm Springs Weather This Week!

Our Palm Springs weather this week is one major reason so many people choose to spend part of or all winter here and to invest in Palm Springs Real Estate. My husband Bill took the photo above just yesterday at Rancho La Quinta Country Club.

Daily sunshine this week, with high temperatures averaging about 82º F (27.7 º F) are certainly being enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Seeing people enjoying our Palm Springs area golf courses, tennis courts, bike paths and of course thousands of pools testament to our sunny days.

As you can imagine, we have clients that have primary homes and businesses located throughout the United States and Canada. And over the last few weeks I’ve been getting tons of weather updates from many wet, cold and snowy parts of North America. Several of these clients have recently purchased Palm Springs area homes and are looking forward to returning to the desert later this month.

To Warm For Canadians?

Just yesterday, Carol, one of my Canadian homebuyers at Hideaway Golf Club in La Quinta was telling me that she’d prefer cooler weather. She'd prefer our February temps to be in the 70’s rather than the low to mid 80’s. I’m curious. Do other Canadian’s feel the same way or are you good to go with the 80’s?

How’s The Palm Springs Real Estate Market?

Personally, our Sheri Dettman & Associates team of specialists is busy. Our 2014 sales were up about sixteen percent over the previous year, and we are forecasting double-digit growth again this year. As we examine our local golf and country club community sales trends each month, we again see that Palm Springs real estate is local. And when I say local, I’m talking about right down to the neighborhood level.

Keep in mind that the national and even local news outlets usually report Palm Springs real estate sales on a city-by-city comparison level. They also reference the median priced home. But if you’re buying or selling in a gated luxury golf or country club community that information often has little or no bearing.

Before Buying Or Selling, Information Is Knowledge

Information is knowledge. And our goal is to help our buyer and seller clients be some of the best-informed buyers and sellers in the Palm Springs real estate market. A little extra knowledge can often result in a smoother and more profitable real estate transaction.

For our homebuyer clients, we develop community-by-community proprietary sales data down to a micro level before you make an offer. For our home seller clients, our community data can help price your home correctly while your home’s competition could be priced over or worse, under the market price.

Why Not Contact Sheri Dettman Today!

If you're considering buying or selling a Palm Springs area home or luxury condo, then contacting Sheri Dettman is a good thing. Why not do so today?

3 More Homes Recently Sold At PGA West, La Quinta

55497 Medallist, Pga West - Priced At $1,385,000

30 PGA West Sales Year-To-Date by Sheri Dettman & Associates

Our Sheri Dettman & Associates team recently sold three additional PGA West La Quinta homes. That brings our 2014 year-to-date total to 30 PGA West sales. More importantly for PGA West home sellers, our small team of specialists found 23 buyers for those 30 homes. No other La Quinta area agent or team came close to that success ratio.

Buyers and sellers of PGA West homes are trusting Sheri Dettman & Associates in growing numbers as our 2014 sales at PGA West are up 154% over 2013. We have now completed a total of 93 La Quinta area sales transactions so far this year and are currently working with just over 1,000 active buyer clients.

80860 Hermitage, Pga West - Priced At $779,000

54447 Riviera, Pga West - Priced At $613,000

Summer Tips For Palm Springs Area Seasonal Homeowners

Summer Tips For Palm Springs Area Seasonal Homeowners

If you’re like most Palm Springs area vacation homeowners, you likely spend less time in the desert during the warmer summer months. And while we are seeing more and more full-time residents, the desert continues to be a top pick for seasonal home buyers from colder and wetter areas of the U.S. and Canada.

Summer Tips For Your Vacation Home When You're Away

Whenever you’re away for extended periods of time, and especially during the summer months, be sure to remember these key points:

  • Have your AC serviced twice each year (usually at the start of winter and summer).
  • Don't turn off your AC during the summer and keep the temp set at 85º F (29.4º C) to protect your furniture and contents, especially wood from drying out.
  • Do not stop your pest control service (treating the perimeter of your home).
  • Consider using a home check company when away for extended periods of time.

There are services and companies that will check your home once or twice a month, and it is worth looking into these services. They will also run water in each sink and shower and flush each toilet so that sewer gases don’t smell up your home when the water in the drain traps dry up (this is the desert after all).

Tips From A Palm Springs Air Conditioning Professional

We’ve seen some homes where the owners while away for the summer months choose to set their home thermostats at 90º or higher. I asked long-time expert Todd Shaw, owner of Desert Air in Palm Springs what he recommends.

“Personally, when my family and I are away in the summer we set our thermostats at 85º F and I would not set mine any higher. The little savings in electricity will likely be offset by higher maintenance bills for your home, and it’s contents,” said Shaw. Desert Air opened in 1954 and Todd is a third-generation family member running the business.

Selling Your Home During The Summer Months

Our Sheri Dettman & Associates realty team visits desert homes for sale all summer. Just last week one of our team members took clients to a home that had the air turned up to 90º while the sellers were out of town. The potential buyers walked in, turned around, and walked out, remarking that they had no interest in seeing any homes that were uncomfortable. And who could blame these potential homebuyers? If your home is listed for sale during the summer months we suggest setting the thermostat to 79º F (26.1º C).

Disclosure: We employ Desert Air to service our personal home and office but receive no compensation for mentioning them here.

Selling Your Home: When A Discount Isn’t Really A Discount

Selling Your Home: When A Discount Isn’t Really A Discount

Point Happy Estates, La Quinta

I received a call from a potential home seller a few months ago. “Joe” interviewed me about professionally marketing and selling his La Quinta home. The next month I noticed that Joe’s home was listed on the MLS with another local agent, so I called Joe to get his feedback on why he didn’t list his home with me. Joe told me that he choose agent “x” because that agent offered him a discount on his service fee.

“How’s that working out for you Joe?” I asked. Well it turns out Joe was not happy with how his home was being marketed and he had already decided to cancel his listing the next day. Joe has now agreed to list his home with me when he returns to the desert this fall. But what went wrong with the discount agent?

Finding Qualified Buyers

Not every Palm Springs area real estate agent offers equal client services or experience. The average agent invests just $1500 annually in marketing and only completes seven transactions per year. That likely translates into them investing about $100 in marketing each sellers home that they place on the MLS.

On the flip side, top-rated realtors usually complete dozens of transactions per year and typically invest thousands of dollars in marketing each home that they sell. For most top agents, to discount their services they would likely need to reduce their investment in the marketing of your home. Does that make sense?

The Big Question For Sellers

If a prospective agent can’t successfully negotiate their own service fee with a prospective seller, how good are they going to be at negotiating with potential buyers in getting you the highest price possible?

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