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Going The Extra Mile For Our Home Sellers

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Our Sheri Dettman & Associates team just completed a sales transaction for one of our Palm Springs area home seller clients, and frankly, it was more challenging that most. Looking back on this sale though the result was what counted.

Personally, I Liked This Home A Lot

I liked this home from day one. The first challenge though was the home had been and investment property with renters living there. When the renters moved out, the furnishings moved out too, and the home looked, well it looked rather empty.

Our sellers did their best in having the home painted and added a few pieces of furnishings and staging items. Our marketing team created their video tour, magazine quality photos, and we launched their marketing campaign. But months later we only had received several lowball offers.

So after a number of months on the market, I suggested bringing in additional furniture and staging props (like towels, plants and table settings). The owners did a great job of restaging of their home. Our marketing team re-created their video and property photos, and we started to get some good offers on the home. Yes!

Offer Accepted!

In time, we presented a reasonable offer to our sellers, and they accepted the offer. We opened an escrow account, and this transaction was moving along just fine. Then, at the 11th hour, the buyers financing fell apart, and we went back to square one. Our sellers at this point were feeling a bit crushed.

Another Offer Accepted

Here’s where being very busy and successful comes into play. We’re working with over 1,000 active buyer clients in various stages of the home buying process. Some are ready as soon as they find a property, others next week, next month or next year. But we stay in touch. I let our team know that this home was back on the market. Everyone reached out to their buyer clients, and with 24 hours one of our team members brought a new offer to our sellers and the property closed in 14-days.

We Get Email

Just this week I received this nice email message from one of the sellers:

“Hi Sheri! I wanted to first thank you for all that you and your staff have done over the past year to sell our house! What an amazing find I came across last year when I decided to Google La Quinta realtors and found Sheri Dettman & Associates.

Each and every step along the way, you and your team were professional, courteous and patient with questions that arose from curious minds. Let me just say that what we experienced explains your amazing success. Congratulations on your dedication and perseverance.

Secondly, we want to thank you for the Williams-Sonoma gift card. This is very thoughtful of you and much appreciated! How perfect to be able to remember your benchmark service often; when we are in the kitchen preparing a favorite dish.

Thank you again for the outstanding service and the opportunity working with you and your team as a buyer.”

Sincerely, Richard K.

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