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8 Questions To Ask An Agent Before Listing Your Property

The days of simply listing a home on the Palm Springs Area MLS® and running ads in the local paper are long gone, or at least they should be. You can use these eight questions to help qualify prospective agents before listing your home for sale.

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1. Can You Send Me More Information About You?

You can often get a good idea of which Palm Springs area real estate agents are the most professional by looking at their promotional materials and their real estate websites. If their own materials aren’t professional and stand out, how well are they going to be able to market your home?

Also, be aware of how long each agent takes to respond to your request and how quickly they follow up. If they don’t respond efficiently to your listing requests, imagine how they’ll handle inquiries from potential buyers or other agents.

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2. Do You Have A Support Staff Or Assistants?

By employing specialists to handle the details of their business including marketing, advertising, and administration the agent can spend more time servicing your needs, looking for buyers, and being available when you have questions or just want an update.
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3. Do You Provide A Written Marketing Plan For Each Listing?

Without a written marketing plan you won’t know how effectively your property is being marketing. A written plan also helps you keep track of any marketing promises that were made.

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4. Where Will My Property Be Featured Online?

You’re looking for a professional marketing presentation of each of the agent’s properties and the community where your property is located. Agents who cast a wide net by exposing your property on multiple websites both locally and globally, can expose your property to a wider pool of qualified buyers.

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5. How Do I Receive Communication And Feedback?

Today’s top agents provide excellent communication and feedback, keeping you informed at all times of your marketing results and property showings.

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6. How Many Active Buyer Clients Are You Currently Working With?

The more active buyer clients your agent and his/her team have, the better. Top agents have a good mix of representing both buyers and sellers. If they don’t have a record of finding and selling to buyers, then that agent is likely a listing agent.

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7. How Many Transactions Did You Complete In the Last 12 Months?

You’re looking for experience in negotiating and closing sales, not just showing a lot of properties. Only 8% of the active agents completed more than 4 transactions in 2023. The average agent in the U.S. only completes twelve transaction per year! It’s hard to stay on top of things professionally if you only work at it just a few times each year.

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8. What Types Of Things Separate You From Your Competition?

Agents who are innovative and offer new methods of attracting buyers will measurably outperform agents who rely on outdated methods of the past such as newspaper ads or open houses. Marketing Palm Springs area homes effectively today requires progressive strategies which add value and service for both buyers and sellers and reach the largest pool of qualified buyers possible! Informative real estate blogs social marketing and online video are just three examples of media that today’s top agents utilize.

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If you find an agent that meets all of these qualifications, consider yourself being served by a true real estate professional. Your home will be marketed to the largest possible audience and allow you to get the highest price for your home!

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