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Vista Las Palmas, Palm Springs

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Vista Las Palmas is located in Palm Springs just west of the Old Las Palmas neighborhood. In the late 1950’s, tract housing became a national phenomenon, and in Palm Springs, tract housing was taken to a new level by the father and son builder team of George and Robert Alexander. The Alexander team developed over 1200 homes throughout Southern California. Today, these homes are referred to as‘Mid-Century Modern homes.’

The Alexander’s hired the architecture firm of Palmer and Krisel, as well as architect Charles Dubois who together designed over 300 Vista Las Palmas homes. About 375 total homes were built in the community and while most are ‘Mid-Century Modern’, there is also a mix of Spanish and ranch homes.

Vista Las Palmas Quick Facts

  • Recent Home Values: $650,000 to $2 Million
  • Recent HOA Dues: No HOA Dues – There is an optional neighborhood organization
  • Number of Homes: 900 (At Completion)
  • Homes Built: 1958 – 70’s
  • Non-gated Community
  • Location: West on Via Las Palmas, Palm Springs

Vista Las Palmas Regains Popularity In The ’90’s

In the 50’s the Vista Las Palmas community was popular with a number of Hollywood celebrities who used their homes as their desert retreats. The Vista Las Palmas community regained popularity again in the late ‘90’s and many homes have either been renovated or are in the process of being restored. Vista Las Palmas and adjacent Old Las Palmas continue to be featured on many local architectural tours.

“While the Vista Las Palmas community has no official HOA or monthly association dues, the community created the Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization,” Sheri said. “Vista Las Palmas remains one of the most sought after communities in Palm Springs.”

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Remodels and Restorations are popular in Vista Las Palmas

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