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The Perfect Storm For Canadian Buyers

LaQuinta Golf 7 0665 Palm Springs Real Estate

Golf homes at the Haciendas in La Quinta

The combination of drastically reduced home prices in the US, a strong Canadian Dollar in relation to the US Dollar, and low interest rate financing options seems to have created the perfect storm. And this particular storm offers warm sunny days year-round here in the Palm Springs area. Dreams of sunny days by the pool or daily rounds of golf during the cold Canadian winters are not hard to imagine for most Canadians!

Here’s What Numerous Canadians Are Taking Advantage Of:

  • Historically Low Real Estate Prices In The United States
  • An Easy and Straightforward Purchase Process
  • Reasonable Property Taxes and No GST or HST
  • A Variety Of Ways To Structure Ownership For Tax Planning
  • No Realtor Fee When You Buy Most Properties
  • Canadian Loan Programs

Buying a home in the Palm Springs area is a worthy goal for many Canadians. Here’s a link to the full article “Canadian Buyer Information”

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