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Summer In The Palm Springs Area: When It’s Hot, It’s Hot

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From A Mild May To Triple Digits In June

This summer we enjoyed a very mild May with days in the 80’s and low 90’s. Things changed in June as the desert heated up to, well, desert temperatures. Living here full-time I’m often asked about our typically warm summers. Is it too hot? Do you go away to escape the summer heat?

During the summer, most people get outside activities done earlier in the day. This week the highs ranged from 105º to 112º. But between 7 AM and Noon it’s mostly in the 90’s. Golf, tennis, walking, biking and other outdoor pursuits can be enjoyed well before temperatures peak around 4 to 5 PM.

It’s Cool Inside
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Later in the day most people are cozily inside air-conditioned stores, homes, restaurants, theaters and other activities. Frankly, the biggest hassle is getting into a hot, parked car. Tip: Look for shade when parking and open two doors for a minute of airflow before getting in.

My husband Bill and I typically enjoy a variety of little travel breaks during the summer. A two or three day mini trip to Laguna Beach or San Diego is just a couple of hours away. A variety of nearby mountain towns or an overnight trip to adjacent LA is another popular option. Another of my favorites is the 90-minute flight or one-day drive to San Francisco. Then, every other year we’ll enjoy a longer trip.

Before You Know It, Fall & Then Winter Have Arrived

Our desert summers tend to go by quickly. Before you know it Fall has arrived, and all the snowbirds are on their way back to escape old man winter. Long story short, I’ll take a few months of desert heat over the prospect of cold and wet anytime.

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