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Sellers Tip: How Much To Market Your Palm Springs Area Home?

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When I need a good chuckle I’ll take a look at some of the Q&A on some of the national real estate websites. Recently a home seller posted this question. “How much does a Realtor spend on marketing a listing?” A dozen or so Realtors chimed in with their answers and I found the answers to be, well – interesting.

Agent A: $200

The first agent disclosed, “I spend $200 to do an open house.” That’s it. He went on to say, “I’ve learned to budget well and I have a free real estate website.”

Agent B: Depends

“From some of the listings I see in the area lately, close to nothing! But to answer your question, I would estimate the marketing costs for an average property to be between $500 and $1000.”

Agent C: Impossible To Answer!

“Great question…impossible to answer. The money depends on the particular situation…. the amount however could exceed $1000 annually.”

Agent D: Not Very Much

“If the agent is a decent photographer and has decent computer skills (like me), they save by doing a lot of the work themselves.”

The Average Agent Invests Just $1,500 In Marketing Annually

Do these answers surprise you? I believe these answers are fairly typical in real estate today. And that’s based on the National Association of Realtors poll which disclosed that the average Realtor invests just $1,500 annually in marketing. Further, the top ten percent of Realtors invests just $10,000 annually in marketing.

Dear Palm Springs Home Sellers; Ask For The Plan!

Palm Springs area home sellers deserve to know in advance how and where their property will be marketed. So here’s a tip: If you’re considering listing your desert home for sale, please ask to see a marketing plan. Look at everything your agent promises to do for you in marketing your home in advance. And yes, ask how much they plan to invest?

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