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Palm Springs Home Buyers & Sellers: Don’t Take It Personally!

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Here’s a little advice for Palm Springs area homebuyers and sellers. Never take purchase negotiations personally. No property is ever sold unless there’s a willing buyer and a willing seller. And getting to that point can be a dance, and sometimes it can be a little tougher. But please don’t take it personally.

I do this almost everyday, and every transaction can be a bit different. Every buyer and seller has a unique personality. Some people buy and sell homes as often as cars, while others might buy or sell just a few times in their lifetime. People’s situations and their reasons for buying or selling here in the Palm Springs area can also be varied.

Your Palm Springs Realtor’s Job: Part Guide, Part Negotiator

Part of an agent’s job is to guide their buyers or sellers through the negotiations while keeping their sanity and their cool. It’s counterproductive to take anything personally. Yes, there can be some stress involved, but an agent’s job is to keep their clients stress level to a minimum and to do any heavy lifting for them.

A seller receiving a low-ball offer simply needs to submit a counter offer. We’re here to help guide you with that. If a buyer gets no response to their submitted offer, their agent can find out why and go from there. But if there is no offer on the table because on side or the other took it personally, then negotiations cease and both sides can lose.

Don’t Hit The Panic Button Unless I Tell You To! 

After completing hundreds of client transactions, the one thing in common that I share with our clients is ‘don’t panic until I tell you to!’  That little ‘fire’ during negotiations today, or during escrow tomorrow might seem like a big deal now, but it will likely be water in the swimming pool in just a day or two!

Most Palm Springs area real estate transactions actually flow pretty smoothly. The ones that don’t are a bit more work but that’s my job, and my team’s job, to put forth what ever is needed on our client’s behalf.

Know that I work with and therefore get to know a lot of the local real estate professionals, and as such I usually know in advance which transactions will be more work than others. That’s when our team rolls up our sleeves up so you don’t have to. You can get ready to move, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

And during negotiations, like I said, please don’t take anything personally, unless I tell you to!

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