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Palm Springs Area Homebuyers & Sellers Love Video

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12,000 Video Views This Year From Around The Globe

So far this year we’ve had over 12,000 views of our exclusive Sheri Dettman & Associates real estate videos. We’ve always known that people interested in buying Palm Springs area real estate love video tours, and these recent stats seem to back that up.

After all, the desert home buying process is about much more than real estate, it’s about finding just the right Palm Springs area community and property for your lifestyle. And what better way to check out the homes and amenities available in our desert communities than HD video tours.

Video Benefits Our Homebuyers & Sellers

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Sheri Dettman Narrating A Video In Our Studios

Videos benefit our buyer clients by helping them get to know our Palm Springs area golf and country clubs, and popular non-golf communities as well through our exclusive video tours. Narrated video tours of our Sheri Dettman & Associates Featured Properties for sale are a great way to tour each property from anywhere in the world.

Our Sheri Dettman & Associates home seller clients benefit by having their properties seen by more potential buyers. A top-notch Palm Springs real estate video tour should succeed in getting potential buyers excited about your home and motivate them to request a showing. If you’re considering selling your Palm Springs area property, here’s more information about Sheri Dettman & Associates video marketing.

Worldwide Real Estate Exposure

Looking at our recent video stats shows the international interest in Palm Springs area real estate. The USA leads our viewership stats followed by Canada, Taiwan, The UK, Mexico, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, France and an amazing sixty-two other countries. Now that’s a wide audience!

Videos Handmade Fresh In-House

My husband Bill Dettman heads up our in-house video production team. We invested in production gear including a video studio with green screen, LED lighting, teleprompter, professional cameras and all the associated gear (sorry, tours of our studios are not being scheduled at this time).

Video shoots of our seller clients homes listed for sale involve a crew of three to four team members. And if you spot some refreshing ice tea or lemonade by the pool in our videos, you might be interested to know those are some of the movie props we utilize on many of our video shoots.

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