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“” For Real Estate. Or How Not To Find A Realtor

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Our local Palm Springs area paper today ran a story about a new Internet real estate startup. Seems Jon the founder was bummed that he didn’t have much in common to discuss while driving around with his real estate agent. Jon is into mountain biking and the agent he was working with wasn’t. Bummer!

Now I have no idea who Jon’s non-mountain biking agent was, but was Jon missing the point? Was Jon looking for someone to hang with or did he really want to find the best-qualified person to help him with what would likely be one of the largest financial transactions in his lifetime?

Palm Springs Real Estate Can Be Fun!

Now don’t get me wrong. Spending time with a boring realtor who’s not really a people person would not be enjoyable. My team and I are all people persons (as any really successful agent is), but we are also successful at combining our service and professionalism with making the buying or selling process a little fun.

So I ask this question. Should people be looking to work with a realtor base their choice upon what Jon says are mutual likes, preferences and areas of interest? Or should homebuyers and sellers look for the best-qualified agent(s) that they also enjoy working with?

Busy, Successful & Experienced Works For Me

My recommendation is to choose a Palm Springs area real estate agent that is busy, successful and experienced. Personally I choose my tax adviser, doctor and dentist the same way. And for me, our common interests include me getting the best advice, care and results possible. What do you think?

Photo: Waterfront homes at Palmilla, La Quinta

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