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Knowing What Others Don’t (And How That Can Benefit You)

The more I know, the better I can serve both buyer and seller clients. I learn something most everyday and many days I’m researching answers and facts to new questions and situations that come up.

What I’m speaking to here is that the more I know about local market knowledge, communication, technical knowledge, listening and problem solving, the better I can serve our buyer and seller clients.

My Not Being Average Can Benefit You

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I’ve mentioned before that the average Realtor completes just seven real estate transactions each year. That’s seven times to practice your profession annually. Here in the desert about 24% of agents did not complete one transaction last year! That translates into zero times to practice their jobs.

Of the over 2,400 licensed agents here in the desert less than a dozen complete over 50 transactions per year. And in my opinion it’s hard to stay on top of the changing real estate market if you only work at it part-time. You aren’t as familiar with as many communities and properties and you certainly don’t have much experience negotiating transactions of behalf of your clients.

Choose Your Real Estate Guide Wisely

If you are considering buying or selling a home or luxury condo my suggestion is to do a little research before hiring an agent. How many transactions did they complete last year and in what price ranges? Do they work regularly in the communities that interest you most? Do they have a good reputation with their peers?

I welcome the opportunity to serve your real estate needs. If not me, you’ll want to choose an agent that is busy, successful and experienced. Personally I choose my tax advisor, doctor and dentist the same way!

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