Looking Good Palm Springs!

As usual, my husband Bill and I went to dinner last night. We chose Solano’s Bistro in Old Town La Quinta. Solano’s was kind of empty, so I asked our bartender/server, “When do you think most people start going back home for the season?” Our bartender/server Bill (yep, there's more than one Bill in the desert) said that he’s noticed that people have already started heading back home.

The Old Season (Turkey Day through Easter)

Back in the day, the Palm Springs season was primarily Thanksgiving through Easter. Today, though, we are seeing more and more people either staying longer or staying in the Palm Springs area full-time. So what’s changed?

Left Coast Palm Springs Weather

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on the planet. The trade winds in the southern and eastern Pacific are remarkably steady while conditions in the North Pacific are far more varied with, for example, cold winter temperatures on the east coast of Russia contrasting with the milder weather off British Columbia, Canada during the winter months due to the preferred flow of ocean currents.

My Husband Bill; Boater & Jr Weatherman

My husband Bill is a long-time boater and sailor. And Bill will tell you (if you should choose to listen), that the Pacific, especially in Southern California, is a pretty friendly body of water. Here you’ll generally find milder temps and pretty predictable weather patterns. That said, Bill took a University weather class a few years back, and they taught that Southern California weather was one of the most difficult to forecast due to the convergence of the ocean, mountains, and deserts.

Difficult to forecast or not, Southern California weather is admired by much of North America during most of the winter months. Hey, it’s one of the many reasons we’re here in the Palm Sprigns area. Longer story shorter, Bill grabbed the weather forecast for this week. Sweet!