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Hey Canada: Happy Canada Day 2014!

Canada Day Cupcakes 600x477 Palm Springs Real EstateMuch like our July 4th here in the United States, Canada Day celebrates the Constitution Act of 1867, which created Canada.

A Canadian federal law passed in 1879 makes July 1st a statutory holiday which progressed from the “Anniversary of Confederation” to “Dominion Day” and finally to “Canada Day.”

Every American Should Visit Canada More Than Once!

My husband Bill and I have enjoyed extensive visits to Canada over the years. And my advice for Americans that have not traveled to Canada is just to go! You won’t be disappointed.

Travel to Canada also represents a great summer getaway for full-time Palm Springs area residents and is closer than you think. The provinces (similar to our States) of British Columbia and Alberta are popular western Canada destinations for those of us in the Western U.S.

Canadians Investing In The Palm Springs Real Estate Market

Canadians continue to play an important role in the Palm Springs Real Estate Scene. Like many U.S. buyers, Canadians want to escape their cold and wet northern winters and what better place for them to discover a great home in the sun than the Palm Springs Area! 

Over the years, Canadians have been investing in Palm Springs Area Real Estate in record numbers. Even with the Canadian Dollar down a bit in value this year compared to the US Dollar; Canadians continue to agree that the prices in the Palm Springs market are a great value–especially compared to metro cities in Canada.

Helpful Canadian Buyers Video

For Canadians interested in Palm Springs Area Real Estate, here’s a link to a popular video; Information For Canadian Buyers

Happy Canada Day eh!

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