“This is why we need a California home!" - Todd & Noel

Todd & Noel live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. We are working together to find them a Palm Springs area vacation home. Just yesterday, Noel emailed this photo from their drive with the caption "This is why we need a California home!"

I looked at Todd & Noel’s local weather forecast for today, and it looks like 28ºF with snow. By comparison here in La Quinta today we’ve got 79ºF and sunny, and our Palm Springs area streets look a bit more inviting.

Got Snow?

If you happen to take an interesting winter photo from your home state or province, please drop us an email, and I’ll try to share it here or on our Sheri Dettman & Associates Facebook page.

Our Sheri Dettman & Associates team member, Ed Borquez, recently took his Jeep up into our local mountains to play in the snow. Upon his return, Ed shared that he was glad to return to the desert's warmth at the end of the day and leave the snow behind.

Hopefully, Todd & Noel will be back enjoying our desert sun soon! Can I recommend any of our Featured Palm Springs Area Listings?

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