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Better Cell Phone Reception At Home

Verizon cell Palm Springs Real EstateI don’t normally offer tech tips in my real estate blog, but last week my husband Bill helped me eliminate an almost year long frustration with dropped cell phone calls from my home office when using our Verizon wireless phones.

As you can imagine, my phone is vital to my business. So this was a big deal and a big win. Presto! No more dropped calls and both of our cell phones bars went from between zero and two bars to between three and four bars. If you have high-speed Internet (DSL or cable) read on.

More Bars For Less Than $300

A number of wireless providers offer a solution. For us we purchased Verizon’s Network Extender for less than $300. ATT&T offers a similar product called the AT&T MicroCell. Both products plug into your home or offices high-speed Internet service. They boost your signal strength for multiple cell phones within an average 5,000 square foot area. Installation is basically plug and use.

In a nutshell you get your own private micro cell tower right in your own home. Verizon offers a 3-day return policy but we are definitely keeping ours!

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