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Dining Around The Desert: The Old Spaghetti Factory, Rancho Mirage

To offer full disclosure, my husband Bill and I don’t usually gravitate towards chain restaurants for dinner. That said, we were recently in the mood to try something different and were curious how The Old Spaghetti Factory remodeled (to the tune of $500,000 we were told) the beautiful space formerly occupied by Bing Crosby’s Restaurant, which was one of our favorites until Bing’s closed.

Newly opened in March as the chain’s 41st location, we went on a Friday night in late June and were surprised to see about 20 people waiting for tables in the dining room. Since there were two spots at the handsome long bar in the lounge, we chose to dine there instead, which turned out to be a good choice.

Old Spaghetti Factory 700 Palm Springs Real Estate

Ribbon Cutting At The Grand Opening

Truth be told, we haven’t eaten at any of The Old Spaghetti Factory restaurants in about 15 years. We went with no expectations and were pleasantly surprised. The Old Spaghetti Factory is what it is–very busy, lots of families, and a good value.

Cherry Limeade Cocktail

I started the evening with a cherry limeade cocktail that was refreshing and low-cal while Bill enjoyed a glass of house red wine. For dinner I ordered angel hair pomodoro and Bill ordered classic pasta with Italian sausage and meat sauce. Both entrées included soup or salad, piping hot bread and a choice of vanilla or spumoni ice cream for dessert. Had we not chosen to enjoy a cocktail and wine, a selection of non-alcoholic drinks would have been included gratis with our meals. No wonder the joint was jumping!

The Old Spaghetti factory will be the first to admit that their pasta is American style, but hey, the food was actually pretty good and the service was friendly and efficient. The atmosphere in the lounge area gets high marks whereas the main dining area can be a little busy with families. That said, the main dining area is attractive, as well.

All Inclusive Dining

Considering our dinners were all-inclusive (except cocktails as we mentioned earlier) and priced from $8.99 to $11.59 this place is a bargain if you’re not looking for fine dining or authentic Italian cuisine. They even offer a gluten-free menu and the atmosphere is top notch.

The Old Spaghetti Factory is located across from The River Shopping Center at 71743 Highway 111 in Rancho Mirage. Reservations are accepted. (760) 341-5600.

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