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Aggressively & Persistently Advertising Your Home

Sheri Dettman’s exclusive in-house marketing team is unique to desert real estate. They’ll work for you in promoting your property, and they embrace all available media to get the message out about your property. Consider that not every Palm Springs area realtor offers equal marketing, services or experience.

Sheri’s marketing team will create a distinctive, effective, and results-oriented marketing campaign for your property utilizing our professional marketing and advertising staff, technological resources, and extensive marketing budget. And since today’s homebuyers can come from anywhere, your property will be exposed both locally and globally.

Sheri Dettman & Associates Marketing Channels

  • Listing Distribution To 83 Consumer Real Estate Websites: In addition to the MLS, Sheri will distributes your homes listing to the top 83 premier consumer websites in the United States and Canada including Zillow, Trulia,, and

  • Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is the heart of our online world and includes the creation of our exclusive real estate websites, designed to easily make your property be easily found online. Properties featured on Sheri’s website usually receive 200% to 500% more property views than the major national real estate sites combined during the first 30-days. Your digital marketing will include your exclusive property webpage and your community webpage giving potential buyers an overview of your gated community.

  • Featured Property Listings: Your property will be featured on Sheri’s Featured Property Webpage and popular Real Estate Blog

  • Internet Advertising: Sheri invests in extensive and ongoing Internet advertising campaigns that include Google AdWords, Facebook paid advertising, Bing, and Yahoo. Coverage includes the United States and Canada. Our marketing team includes a dedicated pay-per-click specialist.

  • Dedicated Social Media Team: Social media will help to find and engage with your target buyers online. Sheri’s social media platform development has created a cohesive presence for marketing your home online and will identify your greatest opportunities for engagement.

  • Architectural Photography & Video: Sheri believes that each home deserves award-winning magazine-quality photography. And since over 90% of today’s home buyers conduct their home searches online, it’s a fact that homes offering the best photos will generate much more interest than homes with average or poor quality images. Beyond investing in the best photography possible, Sheri’s marketing team also developed their own exclusive websites to showcase these high-quality images.

  • Exclusive Video Tour: A custom video tour featuring your home and your community will be featured on Sheri’s Palm Springs area real estate websites, Sheri’s blog, and Sheri’s YouTube channel if appropriate.

  • Direct Mail: Your extensive direct mail campaigns will target potential buyers of your property and people interested in your community.

  • Property Brochure or Flyer: Print media will be developed for placement within your property.

  • Magazine & Newspaper Advertising: Sheri’s in-house marketing team has extensively tested magazine and newspaper advertising during the past twelve years. From full page color ads to 1/8 page layouts. They know which media delivers buyer prospects and which media doesn’t get results. According to the National Association of Realtors 2018 report, -1% of buyers come from print advertising, making it virtually useless in 2019.

  • Additional Proprietary Marketing: Sheri’s marketing team also invests in several proprietary marketing and advertising channels that will gain additional exposure for your property. Many of these methods are both unique and exclusive to Sheri Dettman & Associates.

Not Your Average Real Estate Advertising

According to The National Association of Realtors, the average agent invests just $1,500 annually in advertising and marketing. And the top 10% of Realtors nationwide invests just $10,000 annually in marketing. In contrast Sheri Dettman & Associates will invest over $350,000 annually in what Sheri refers to as “Smart Marketing.”

So why settle for average when it costs you as a seller nothing more to gain so much more exposure for your property?

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