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Palm Springs Tram To Reopen April 1, 2019

Courtesy of the LA Times

The Palm Springs Aerial Tram climbs in 10 minutes to a mountain station about 8500 feet above the desert floor. (Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times)

The Palm Springs Aerial Tram that takes visitors from the desert floor into the mountains is expected to reopen April 1. The tram has been closed for 46 days after flooding washed out parts of the road leading to the ride, according to a new release.

The tram lost almost 100,000 visitors during the closure, estimating that loss revenues and repairs added up to $4 million.

Work included fixing two washouts on the road to the tram, restoring power and minor repairs to the roof at a mountain station at 8,516 feet, and restoring potable water to the Valley Station at the base of the tram.

Tram cars take 80 people at a time up a canyon to the high point in Mt. San Jacinto State Park, where visitors can hike to the peak or take easier trails around valleys in the area. There are three places to eat — Peak’s Restaurant for a full meal, Pines Cafe for cafeteria-style service and the Lookout Lounge cocktail bar.

Tickets cost $25.95 for adults and $16.95 for children ages 3 to 10.

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