Bob & Tina Cunard in the Halloween Spirit!

Bob & Tina Cunard in the Halloween Spirit!

Bob Cunard, the proprietor of Cunard’s Sand Bar, is a living ‘old school legend’ here in the desert. He’s owned multiple restaurants and bars, was a top amateur golfer in his younger years and has lived a very interesting life. I believe that Bobby knows more people in the desert than just about anyone else I can think of. In fact, Bob introduced Bill to me 12 years ago! So for me, it's like family there.

I tend to have the same thing all the time, mainly because it's the only place that I know that has it and it's a favorite. CALAMARI STEAK – ABALONE STYLETender calamari, breaded and served with lemon, butter, and capers. And of course, the warm bread, house salad, loaded baked potato and a glass of wine.

This visit, my friend Dean ordered the same dish, except he had a lot of their tasty veggies instead of the baked potato.

If you haven't been to Sandbar before, it's time to go! They have music every night, and the list of guest singers is impressive and entertaining.

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