A few months after move-in we had the plants looking good again

After helping hundreds of buyers find great opportunities on desert homes over the last few years, my husband, Bill, and I recently decided the time was right for a move of our own.

Finding Lifestyle And Value

Most of my buyer clients invest in a lifestyle for their family and friends rather than just a home. It’s about finding just the right fit for their lifestyle and, of course, at the right price! After all, a bargain home in the wrong location won’t be considered a bargain for long.

We placed lifestyle at the top of our list. That said, our lifestyle is a bit different from most of our clients since we are involved so personally in the real estate world. You see, we spend so much time engaged in golf, tennis, and other resort lifestyle activities (life can be tough!), that we wanted to purchase an upscale home that would offer us a bit of land and privacy that was adjacent to the La Quinta golf and tennis communities where we play.

The Same Process We Used Can Benefit You

Just as I do for most of our buyer clients, I entered our home and community criteria into a custom MLS Portal. As newly listed homes that fit our specific criteria came on the market, our system emailed us each new possibility. We soon had a short list of properties in the communities that interested us the most. We had looked at about a dozen properties when the right opportunity for us came our way.

How I Knew We Had To Buy This Home

I received an email update via my MLS Portal when a bank-owned property fitting our criteria came on the market. This home was offered at a huge discount compared to its original ’06 selling price. The listing price per square foot was substantially below comparable homes and well below the home’s replacement value.

Ready To Pounce

I’ve been telling my clients for years that finding a great opportunity today involves patience and pounce. It can take days, weeks or months to find your dream home. While patience may pay off, it’s also important to be prepared to pounce when you find your perfect home, particularly if the property is priced below market comps as ours was.

Practicing what I preach, my husband Bill and I had our ducks in a row, making it easy to pounce once the opportunity arose. I placed our offer quickly and within a few weeks we closed on our dream home at a very attractive price. Life is short. We’ve been enjoying our new home with family and friends for a few months now and I’d be more than happy to help you discover yours!  Whether bank owned, short sale or regular sale property, there are great opportunities to be discovered. Every property must be priced competitively to sell in today's market!