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Magazine-Quality Photography & Video Of Your Home (Worth More Than A Thousand Words)

Real estate is both a visual and emotional transaction, especially in a resort lifestyle community such as the Palm Springs area. That’s why professional photography and custom video tours are two of the most effective means of generating interest and activity for your property.

Unfortunately, too many Palm Springs area real estate agents approach photography as ‘documentation’ as opposed to the powerful sales and marketing tool it is meant to be. Some agents even take photos themselves to save money.


Your Property Deserves Magazine-Quality Photography

Sheri Dettman & Associates believes that each home deserves magazine-quality photography. And since over 92% of today’s home buyers conduct their home searches online, it’s a fact that homes offering the best photos will generate much more interest than homes with average or poor quality images.

Professional photography is your foundation for a strong Visual Marketing program. But shooting magazine quality photos is only the first step in a successful visual marketing program for your property. The distribution and display of your homes images is critical.


Showcasing Your Properties Photography

Beyond investing in the best photography possible, Sheri’s in-house marketing team also developed their exclusive Palm Springs area real estate websites and online slideshow media to showcase your homes high-quality images.

Palm Springs area homebuyers are, usually, investing in a lifestyle for their family and friends rather than just a Palm Springs area home or luxury condo. Sheri’s extensive use of visual marketing can help to get potential buyers excited about your home, and they can see themselves owning it.


Exclusive Marketing For Your Property

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